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Come To See Philanthropy Differently

The Soul of Philanthropy, a multimedia exhibition, is a stirring reminder that philanthropy is deeper than your pockets. Featured here are photos from the Portland, Oregon exhibition, presented by MRG Foundation and mounted at Concordia University.    

Black Philanthropy Month 2013: An August of Dreams and Mountaintops

Did you know that August is Black Philanthropy Month?  You can help build greater public awareness and sharpen the impact of Black philanthropy. We are excited to introduce and invite your participation in a new multimedia, civic engagement campaign during Black Philanthropy Month 2013 (BPM 2013). Your support is needed to mount an unprecedented campaign to inform, […]

TEDx Video: A Picture Reframed

“The only reason to give a speech is to change the world.” — JFK So…we gave a speech. A TEDxCharlotte Talk on philanthropy, identity and epiphany borne of the Giving Back Project.